Shipping Info

Q: How long will my order processing take?

Shipment will depend on which item you ordered. Average order processing duration will be 1~2 business days for “in-stock” items. Built to order items typically take 5-7 business days to process and ship. We will send you a confirmation email with your tracking number after the shipment.

Q: How long is the shipping time?

Your product will arrive within 2 business days if you choose the priority mail option. Flat rate shipping time will depend on location, but should take no more than a week to arrive.

Q: Which carrier will my products be shipped with?

Orders are processed through the US Postal Service. We use priority mail to expedite shipments. Customers may not select the courier though.

Q: Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, tracking number will be sent to your confirmation email after your order has been processed for shipping.

Q: Do you deliver outside of the continental United States?

No, currently we only ship domestically within the continental United States.